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  1. Paul Bell says:

    As an ex-employee of GDS I would agree wholeheartedly with the comments that have been made.
    I spent 25yrs in RNavy and had worked in 8 companies before being accepted at GDS. Right from the start, although one of the eldest people on the books, I was accepted and the comaraderie was fabulous. As has been stated Spencer Green understands people and he certainly knew how “press my buttons” to get the best out of me. The company grew very quickly and had some knockbacks but Spencer, being the positive person he is, didn’t sit back he changed direction, reformed the troops and moved forward and has never looked back since. GDS International looks after it’s personnel in renumeration, compassion and with rewards in many, many ways. I now live in Spain and if it hadn’t been for the time I spent with GDS and Spencer green I don’t think I could have done it. I know that, if I ever had to go back to live in the UK, it is the first company I would apply to for work.

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