About Spencer Green Gds

Spencer Green, the name has become synonymous with success, of the highest kind…

The 41 year old entrepreneur, who began it all 17 years ago by launching GDS International, is now much more than a mere entrepreneur. Looking at his company with the eyes of a doting mother, Spencer Green wishes to go on and on. His eyes gleam bright, illuminated with the light of his dreams, dreams to take to such heights as has never even been thought of by his predecessors.

It’s hard work that he and his team puts in, to make things work for GDS International. He enjoys what he is doing. His words betray the confidence that’s there in his heart.

“I believe that when people go out and don’t have an objective, they can’t reach whatever level of ability they have. Attitude can help you reach levels that you never thought you can reach, by just making sure, ‘I will do it’. No such words as, ‘I can’t do it’. What do you mean you can’t do it? You can’t do it, unless you don’t try it.”- says Spencer Green, a man who has been inspiring many others to go conquer heights.