Major Oil and Gas Companies to congregate for GDS International Summit in St Petersburg

The US, Canada and Russia interest in the untapped oil in the Arctic Circle is heating up with all looking to exploit the reserves nestled within. With one third of Russia located in the Arctic Circle, regional oil and gas companies are well positioned to benefit from this find. The 2012 NG O&G Summit has been specifically designed to cover the most pressing issues faced by executives in the Russian oil and gas sector today.

GDS International Summits provide the forward-thinking executives with a client-focused platform from which to assess emerging trends and strategies that are proving critical to organisational effectiveness in 2012.

The summit’s programme combines high-level roundtable discussions with next generation technology solutions that have been carefully selected to address core challenges faced by decision makers in the sector.

Few of the hot topics to be discussed at the forthcoming event include…
• Exploration in the Arctic Circle
• The Sakhalin Project
• The Yamal region
• Siberian exploration and production

According to Ben Williams, Summit Director for the event…

“Leading decision makers from Shell, BP, Lukoil, Rosneft, and Gazprom are attending to outline strategies and solutions to solve immediate challenges when approaching harsh, icy and relatively unknown productive environments. More than 60 of the attendees arriving at the Park Inn Hotel in St Petersburg will be top-level executives from operators and they will be keen to discuss operations in the Arctic Circle and the Yamal. They will also be looking to see how they can strengthen HSE (health, safety and environmental) practices in the region and how innovative technology can help improve company operations.”

Executives will be given the opportunity to network and participate in a variety of comprehensive workshops and peer-led panel discussions that cover key industry issues. In attendance will be a selection of the industry’s most prominent thought-leaders who will be contributing to the direction of the summit through a series of focused panel discussions.
Included within this summit’s senior delegation are Ilya Mandrik, VP, Lukoil; Thomas Quigley, VP Yamal Oil Upstream, TNK-BP; Alexander Terentiev, VP Drilling, GazpromNeft; Chris Mawyer, VP HSE & Engineering, BP and Sergey Khafizov, First Deputy Director, GazpromNeft NTC.

The summit has been specifically tailored to prepare the forward-thinking executive for any challenges that the industry’s rapidly evolving landscape may present. Drawing on experiences and discussing industry-specific topics, the summit will securely lay the foundations for 2012 and beyond.
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About Spencer Green

Spencer Green founded GDS Publishing Ltd in October 1993 to specialise in industrial, government-led publications for the burgeoning Chinese market. The company launched over forty business-to-business titles, was name-checked alongside Tony Blair on China’s national news as ‘best for Chinese business’, and – following a move into India – deemed to be ‘of national importance’ by the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. In 1998, GDS Publishing became GDS International and launched its first conference, Enterprise China. The hugely successful Enterprise series of conferences was rolled out across China and Latin America in the next two years. In 2000, GDS International launched its first Senior Executive Summit under the ‘Next Generation’ banner. This became the catalyst for nine years of 25% year-on-year growth... and 40% growth in 2010. In 2011, GDS held over 70 Summits for C-level Executives from a wide range of industries and across the globe, and eight digital marketing conferences. Today, GDS International is determined to become the world’s no. 1 business-to-business media and services company. It’s going to be an exciting journey! Spencer is married to Emily. They have two children, Finlay and Maya, and live in Bristol, UK.
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