Spencer Green GDS International always finds the ‘silver linings’

Silver LiningSpencer Green GDS International believes, like any other successful businessman, that success is all about finding the ‘silver linings’.Yes, every cloud has a silver lining; so it’s not in fearing the cloud looming large overhead but in finding the silver lining that the key to success lies. The current economic climate, which is far from encouraging, is no doubt a cloud, a dark, threatening kind of cloud, but the fact that it’s raining talents all around is the silver lining in this case.

Spencer GreenHere’s what Spencer Green himself says, “I believe that for many of us economic austerity will last for years, and the difficult times have just started. But when you’re chewing on life’s gristle, as Monty Python taught us, don’t worry. Give a whistle. In difficult times, companies get the pick of talented individuals; people that are hungry to get the right position and make it stick. That sounds like opportunity to me”. How GDS International benefits out of picking the right people and how the company makes use of its HR team has all been discussed in detail in an earlier post ‘Spencer Green GDS International concentrates on picking the right person’. So there’s no point in bringing it up once again. The point to be noted is this- just as it works out for Spencer Green GDS, it would all work out for you too; you just need to find the silver lining when the darkest of clouds loom threateningly upon you.


About Spencer Green

Spencer Green founded GDS Publishing Ltd in October 1993 to specialise in industrial, government-led publications for the burgeoning Chinese market. The company launched over forty business-to-business titles, was name-checked alongside Tony Blair on China’s national news as ‘best for Chinese business’, and – following a move into India – deemed to be ‘of national importance’ by the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade. In 1998, GDS Publishing became GDS International and launched its first conference, Enterprise China. The hugely successful Enterprise series of conferences was rolled out across China and Latin America in the next two years. In 2000, GDS International launched its first Senior Executive Summit under the ‘Next Generation’ banner. This became the catalyst for nine years of 25% year-on-year growth... and 40% growth in 2010. In 2011, GDS held over 70 Summits for C-level Executives from a wide range of industries and across the globe, and eight digital marketing conferences. Today, GDS International is determined to become the world’s no. 1 business-to-business media and services company. It’s going to be an exciting journey! Spencer is married to Emily. They have two children, Finlay and Maya, and live in Bristol, UK.
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