“Business is NEVER without complications”- Spencer Green GDS International

Spencer Green at GDS International takes an optimistic approach to solve problems that rise on a daily pace. He says, “Our summit and conference products are generating great buzz, we have some cracking onsite customer deal stories to share, and a skilled, experienced management team. We have opportunities to grow… but we need the staff resources to do it.”

“What to do? We convened an HR meeting and flew in the directors from all offices, together with our CEO and other senior management. The challenge was: how to quickly progress the next generation: to take people from training to effective sales professionals effectively and fast?”

Spencer Green GDS

The answer is to collate the ideas of human resources available. Spencer Green GDS states, “Bright, motivated people in a room can get a lot done – especially when they start thinking around the root cause of a problem, instead of just trying to solve it as stated. I believe that bringing in new, experienced staff will actually help current staff because it makes the company stronger, and that provides growth and new options. We will learn from them and they will learn from us. Bringing in the RIGHT outside talent helps our internal skill sets: creating opportunity, not taking it away.”

GDS International is growing fast with good industry buzz resulting in people approaching it, with cracking packages, culture, and opportunity.

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