GDS International makes selling more powerful

What makes GDS International the top class seller? Spencer Green GDS explains the secrets behind powerful selling.

As Spencer Green states, “The goal is to build rapport in your opening so the client lowers their guard and listens. This is the greatest challenge in sales. You have to be intelligent and understand that, while you are involved in a directed conversation, it is still a conversation”.

“Do your research. Know their needs. Align yourself with those needs, sit beside them, build intelligent rapport and empathy, and then move the call forward. When a potential client is comfortable that your agenda and their agenda are aligned – that both parties will benefit – then discuss your product. And if your agendas are aligned, and both parties will benefit, then any client who hasn’t got their guard up will really like”.

As far as business practices for GDS International is concerned this is intelligent selling. “It may seem easier to control your agenda sat opposite the client, and it is more difficult to have control when you’re sat alongside them, but that control is real, because it’s mutually beneficial, which makes it a lot more powerful”.

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