Spencer Green GDS International concentrates on picking the right person

When you find the economy is going through difficult times, wise companies pick out the talents in the industry to get through the crisis. To really capitalise on such situations Spencer Green GDS has concentrated on recruiting those people who really are ambitious.
Such opportunities are wholesome opportunities and to utilise them you need three things…

1) Products that count and make a difference,
2) A clear strategy; and to execute on that strategy
3) Momentum

Spencer Green says, “In the last two years, my company, GDS International, has grown 78 per cent and our HR Directors have played, and continue to play, a massive role in that. In any tough environment there will be winners– and if that sounds smug, it’s certainly not meant to. I am enormously grateful for and proud of the hard work, long hours, selfless suggestion and team understanding that led to our growth”.

So, adding momentum to the current market condition solely rests upon the human resource management and Spencer Green at GDS International takes up the challenge to beat every odd market situation with his strong team.

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